An escaped convict who for 4 months taunted police on Facebook has been arrested and returned to prison. Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch, 28 had been finishing a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary had been posting on Facebook pictures of himself celebrating Christmas dinner holding a turkey and swearing at police. On his Facebook home page he had attracted over 40,000 visitors along with T-shirts and YouTube videos. Two weeks ago authorities finally had the Facebook page removed.

According to a recent news article it stated the following information:

Lynch used the social networking site to brag about his home being tropically warm and enjoying steak and chips, instead of prison porridge in his cell.

On his Facebook wall he commented: ‘if it gets any colder durin xmas we’ll have to stick the sunbed on as an extra heater we did it the other night it felt like the caribbean in the bedroom ha ha.’

Elsewhere the fugitive boasted: ‘mmm, I just had a 12lb venison steak, roasted veg and chips. Bangin’ meal.’

After his Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch Facebook page was closed down he set up another private group under the name Maximus Justice, which currently has 182 friends.

He posted details of his celebrations over the festive period to mock police and even claimed to have a video of himself talking to officers outside the Houses of Parliament on New Year’s Eve.

The convict has been arrested by police and charged with unlawful escape from custody. He was returned to what is being called an open prison system. The open prison system is part of the penal system in the UK. One would think that this convict would of been returned to a more secure prison.

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