Are you as sick of status updates as I am? It seems like almost every online service these days contains some element that pretty much forces you to share a continual stream of updates with your followers. When you look at the success of services like Twitter and Facebook, it’s obvious that people are willing to do this, but there comes a point where you spend so much of your time thinking about what your next status update should be that you almost forget to live your life. A mobile service called Zokem will relieve you of some of your status update stress and serve as your social assistant.

The app is called Zokem, but the character that interacts with you is called Zoki. The cool thing about Zokem is that it utilizes your mobile device to figure out what you’re doing, where you’re going, and so on, and can then share this information as status updates to the services that you use. In other words, you just go about your business and let Zokem keep your social accounts updated with your activity when it suggests new updates. The app is available for a bunch of different mobile devices, and by using it, you’ll now be able to get back to living that thing you call a life.