Well, not eavesdropping so much as monitoring.  Since the communications aren’t in so good a shape in Haiti, the radio amateurs (hams) are stepping up (as usual).

You don’t have to have a license or even an amateur radio gear to listen in.  A great place to start is Radio Reference.  In fact, Radio Reference is the default place for all radio information for me and countless others.  If you have a scanner and want to listen to police and fire in your area, Radio Reference has the frequencies and discussion about them.

RR’s Haiti information page has the information you need.  You can listen to amateur radio streamed over the internet.  Currently you will hear amateur radio nets.  The most prevalent is SATERN, the Salvation Army Team Emergency Network, for the purpose of getting information in and out of the affected area.  In all cases, these people are volunteers.

If you have a shortwave radio with single sideband capabilities (or if you can locate an online-tuned radio) there are many frequencies to check:

  • 3977.7 LSB  SATERN net
  • 14265 USB SATERN net
  • 14300 USB Intercontinental Assistance and
    Traffic Net
  • 7040
  • 11202 USB Coast Guard
  • 5696 USB Coast Guard
  • 8983 USB Coast Guard
  • 3720 IARU Region 2 net

As the day goes on, you want to check the lower frequencies or monitor online.

Best to Haiti from ThermnnionicEmissions.  Please do what you can to help.