If you haven’t seen the commercial from Geek Squad it is fairly entertaining. A woman acts like she is fixing her PC by passing her hands over the keyboard and using other gestures. The real fact is her printer is being setup by an online tech. from the Geek Squad. Her husband is amazed by his wife’s technical ability, but he is unaware that his credit card is being billed for $49.99.

So I went to the Geek Squad site and took a look at some of the services they provide. Prices ranged from $149.99 for removing viruses from a computer, to a low of $49.99 for several other services that you can see at the link below.

Surprisingly their is actually a free service available to check whether your computer can be upgraded to Windows 7.

I’m curious. Has anyone used the Geek Squad Online Support services? What is your opinion?

Comments welcome.

Geek Squad Online Support here