I have been looking for a small LCD TV to replace an oldĀ  TV in our guest bedroom. The old tube TV from RCA has served us well for the past ten years without even a whisper of a problem. I originally bought the RCA tube set at Walmart back in 1999 when it was on sale for only $179.99, But time, and use for a gaming Wii console has taken its toll and I have noticed that the picture was having difficulty remaining in color and would fade in and out from color to black and white.

So last night I went out to Amazon and located a Toshiba 32-inch 1080p LCD TV on sale for $389.99 plus free shipping. What drew my attention to the set was this statement about the HDTV:

Gaming Mode
Gaming Mode enhances the gaming experience by reducing game controller delay. The Gaming Mode allows the video signal to bypass select picture circuitry to shorten the overall signal to screen time. This provides an approximate 33-millisecond response improvement for 60Hz models and 48-millisecond response improvement for 120Hz models, virtually eliminating controller delay.

I thought I would pass this deal on to those who read my blog.

Toshiba 32RV525R 32-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

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