It’s difficult to believe, but according to this it seems that Yahoo! did in fact know of the cyber attacks taking place on Gmail accounts in search of Chinese dissidents. What is troubling is Yahoo! not sharing its previous knowledge with Google ahead of time.

Perhaps even more bothersome is Yahoo! being aware of a security concern affecting both companies before Google knew about it! Seriously, I really figured Google would have been aware of all of this long before Yahoo! Perhaps Yahoo just has more experience in this field; it’s difficult to say for sure.

Definitely puts things into perspective back here in the free world, that’s for sure. Especially since other big names like Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco are all keeping to themselves on this matter rather than speaking out against China’s unbelievable actions. Guess it’s about protecting that bottom line, at all costs.

I am glad to see Google taking note of this and not letting China get away with it. Even better is seeing Google FINALLY standing up and refusing to censor results anymore for the Chinese authorities. Nice to see “don’t be evil” is back in the order of business after its long holiday. As for the other companies willing to tolerate this kind of thing, I guess we will have to wait and see how long it takes Yahoo!, among others, to join Google.

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