That is the question asked by a company that is putting forth a new and different piece of punctuation, which is to be used to express one’s sarcasm in a text message (since some are too dull to grasp such things).

The SarcMark is being marketed to those who feel the need to express, exactly, and in one character, their complete criticism of what has been said from the other end. Maximum PC is the vehicle that brings this to us –

Do your online and phone contacts constantly fail to grasp the sarcasm in your emails, IMs and texts? Are you worried that such misunderstood attempts at sarcasm may strain your relationships with others? The SarcMark will help you remain at your sarcastic best without the fear of coming across as impertinent or disdainful to your (fatheaded) acquaintances.

The $1.99 SarcMark is a new punctuation for giving adequate notice of the sarcasm that precedes it. It currently supports Windows, Mac and select BlackBerry devices. Michigan-based Sarcasm Inc. is a very sarcastic company and its maiden product, the SarcMark, is enough testament. The company now wants a patent for its “brilliant” contribution to digital discourse.

The asking price may seem trivial but it is important to remember that all you get is an unrecognized punctuation mark; a purchase that may make you the butt of all jokes among your friends for days.

Note: Quotes were used in the last line of the second para to emphasize the underlying sarcasm not because of their superiority over the SarcMark but due the unavailability of the latter at this point. Also, please condone the woefully poor attempt at sarcasm.

PS: Eagerly waiting to read a review of the SarcMark

The mark can be seen at the URL above, but for those unable to wait, it looks like a lazily written, backward facing 6, with a dot inside the rounded area of the 6.

Personally, if someone does not get what I’m saying, I tend to think that is just as well anyway. However, I’m sure that more than a few will want this, simply for the novelty, or as a conversation starter. For those without a fear of a few more characters, and a passing knowledge of HTML, the comment could be bracketed as such – [sarcasm] comment [/sarcasm]. This costs nothing, and leaves nothing to chance, unless your victim also does not understand the word sarcasm.

I , being thrifty (not cheap), and also wondering about the ease of using a non standard symbol across platforms, instead put forth the asterism [ ⁂ ] a triangular form of asterisks, to take the place of the SarcMark, and I freely give it to the greater world, without charge (if it catches on, a little verbiage concerning me now and then would be nice!) In your character map it is Unicode U+2042.


p.s Don’t forget our friend the interrobang, which opens a whole new world of expression for the texting individual.


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