I’m a satisfied iPhone user, but I will say that I’m not downloading nearly as many apps as I used to. When the App Store first came around, it seemed like I was downloading anything and everything, but the novelty has worn off quite a bit for me. I have apps that I like for a variety of tasks, so I’m not in as much of a frenzy to find apps that work for me. With that said, I do check out the App Store about once a week, but there’s just so much to go through. Appolicious give you all of your options, but the site provides them to you in interesting ways that will help you to identify worthy downloads.

The primary focus is on the iPhone, but Appolicious says they’re not exclusive to anyone, so they will list applications for other platforms. You might initially look at this site and think that it basically has the same information as the App Store, but there’s more here. Not only are there more reviews, but you can also see which apps people have, see how your friends and people like you have rated an app, create special app lists, and so on. Yes, Appolicious is delicious.