The people at Opera Labs are being very careful with this release, and taking much time before going so far as to call a delivered product a beta. Another build, 3199, has been released as  alpha, dropping the pre- from the moniker.

While there are (acknowledged) bugs, the release gives rise to further changes which will make the browser faster, and takes further steps to the newest capabilities being put into all new browsers (HTML5).


Opera Software has delivered a new Opera 10.50 snapshot (build 3199) to Windows users willing to test out the latest work done by the browser company. This new version comes with engine tweaks, better video support, performance updates, improved Windows 7 integration, support for IMAP COMPRESS, as well as multiple fixes. Be wary though, some new bugs have appeared too but they will be killed off with new releases.
To download the Opera 10.50 alpha build 3199 click on this link. Mac OS and Linux users will get the new browser snapshot later this week.

After using this for a short while, but trying to make anything come out that might be wrong, I can say I couldn’t make it crash, so the problems and annoyances are not of that type. There are things that don’t work, as in controls, but when the appropriate action is taken, nothing happens. I couldn’t get any inappropriate actions, just nothing happening when certain things are pressed or selected.

I did nothing with the mail portion, or the torrent portion, but the browser will not crash upon doing normal things, and so if you’re itching to try it, just to see the speed or change in looks (which doesn’t impress me, but others love the fact that the menu bar is off by default) – give it a try. It works well enough to show itself off, and uninstalls cleanly.

Good things to come.


PinkynBrain Those Opera Labs guys are making great strides with each release.

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