I have been watching the open source Windows OS clone known simply as ReactOS for some time now. It’s an interesting idea, be it one that always baffled me as to its need for existence. Well now it looks like rather than continuing with the growing Win32 subsystem, ReactOS will actually start off fresh by reusing code from the WINE project wherever possible.

So now we have the big question: Does this mean that we will start seeing ReactOS catching up to other open source operating systems? Working functionality, something more usable than a proof of concept OS? Possibly, yes.

As to whether or not it will see the kind of adoption we see with Windows, OS X, or even Linux… is unlikely. Not because what they have done isn’t incredible. Reality is that the ReactOS as a proof of concept is amazing everything considered. With the new changes in place, it should be interesting to see where all of this ends up five years from now. Despite my skepticism, I wish the folks behind the project all the best.

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