There is one honest thing that was said in a recent article about Ford’s new lineup.

This statement made by a Ford Rep:

“In the past, because of our uncompetitiveness in quality and fuel economy, we’ve been unfortunately discounted.”

So Ford has a new game plan for its new, smaller cars. Take the Ford Fiesta being released in 2010. With a base price of $13,995, which includes shipping; Ford does not want you to buy this car. It wants you to buy the fully loaded Ford Fiesta, which will sell for $23,000. Why? There is no profit in the bait and switch model.

So what are Ford and GM doing to get back into the auto market?

At the Detroit auto show, General Motors and Ford revealed their comeback strategy for small cars: Adorn them with features seldom seen in domestic econoboxes, such as roomy interiors, computer gadgets, turbocharged engines and sporty sheet metal.

Interesting. This takes the word ‘glorified’ to new heights. Take a smallish car like the Fiesta and load it with toys and pray that the consumers will be blinded by glitz! LOL

Would you pay $23,000 for a ‘glorified’ Ford Fiesta? I wouldn’t and won’t be.

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