For many people who work with Windows, any version of Windows, there are many things happening, behind the scenes, that make the computer do strange things.

The computer may slow down appreciably, with no reason, or, the hard drive may suddenly become extremely busy, without apparent reason, as nothing is being done to cause such a long period of solid use of the HDD light emitting diode.

Most accomplished users would hit Ctl-Alt-Del, or Ctl-Sh-Esc, as the case may be, to pop up the Task Manager, and inspect the column that gives what processes are taking up the most processor time.  Some users are not comfortable with that, don’t know about it, or are afraid that they will interpret the numbers incorrectly. For them there is “What Is My Computer Doing”.


Have you ever asked yourself why the computer’s hard drive is trashing like mad or why everything seemed to come down to a halt without you doing anything on the computer right now? What’s My Computer Doing is a free software program for the Windows operating system that tries to shed light to those questions.

It displays an activity list in its interface upon startup that lists the programs and their activity. The activity is usually hard disk or processor activity or both. System processes are by default hidden in the list of running programs. They can be displayed by clicking on the Also show system processes link at the top

Selecting one of the programs in the list displays additional information about it in the lower half of the program window.

The information displayed include the name and installation directory on the hard drive, the data and tie the program was started, installed and modified, product details that include the producer’s name and copyright, security information, known problems and external links both to the producer’s website (if available) and a Google search.

The right side of the program window contains action buttons that can display the program properties, open the installation folder, terminate, close or uninstaller the program as well as send it to Kaspersky or VirusTotal to check it for malicious contents.

What’s my computer doing can be a helpful tool for analysing programs that seem to cause lots of disk or cpu activity on a computer system. Advanced users can do the same with the standard Windows Task Manager or process explorers.

What is my computer doing can be downloaded right here.

So it may make things less intimidating for that certain someone you know who is afraid of messing with things on their computer. Elderly mothers, fathers, and anyone else that is technologically challenged can make good use of this.


Spock @ the console

It’s like Spock, sitting at the console reassuring the Captain that the Enterprise is running fine. The dilithium crystals are all present and accounted for.