Taking an opportunity to fix some of the problems that have been hanging around in Internet Exploder for some time, Microsoft decided to do more than was necessary to fix the known exploit.

This still does not mean that using Internet Exploder, especially version 6, is now recommended. It does mean that you might have half a chance of getting out without getting bit if you have to use Internet Exploder 7 or 8 in some transaction during your daily routine.

TechConnect tells about the other seven repairs –

As promised, Microsoft has yesterday rolled out the MS10-002 critical-rated updated for Internet Explorer to fix the vulnerability exploited in the Cyber-attacks on Google. But wait, there’s more as the patch will actually kill off eight bugs found in various IE versions, including two HTML object memory corruption issues, four uninitialized memory corruption problems, an URL validation vulnerability, and an XSS filter bypass bug. More details about the fixes can be found here.

At least one vulnerability has already been used in the wild so, if you’re using Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7 or 8 be sure to update to minimize the risk of attacks. Add an up-to-date firewall in the mix and you should feel even better about browsing (with IE).

Again, friends don’t let friends use Internet Exploder 6, so take the advice from a friend, and  nuke it from your hard drive – immediately. If you must use IE 7 or 8, do so with caution.


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