Complaints about Google’s Nexus One customer service are still flowing in as they have struggled with a surge of problems customers have had with the device.  The lack of a technical support number is unbearable to customers experiencing problems, but customers do have email and support forum options.

It seems to me that if you have purchased a Nexus One, chances are you have access to the Internet. A simple search for almost any problem with the device yields a plethora of information and fixes. With this much information at our fingertips, I don’t see the need for technical support. These days it seems that technical support is only used by the morons who never want to even try to figure things out on their own. Whenever they get an error message, they run to the phone and dial up technical support without even trying a things on their own or reading the manual.

We pay more for our products because of the support companies provide to Billy Joe because he couldn’t figure out that “Username or password is incorrect” means that his username or password may have been mistyped. Bravo to Google for taking a step in the direction that I think all companies should take with their tech support departments.