Sometimes Microsoft blunders are better than any fiction writer could ever dream of. Take the fact that some Windows Mobile developers have apparently not been paid from their sales in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile (really rolls off the tongue). According to reports from Ars, it seems that not only were some of the affected developers eligible for payout as described in Microsoft’s cryptic payout system, those who were not had no idea because no one can make heads or tails out of who is really eligible in the first place!

I honestly wonder if Microsoft “gets” that ticked off mobile devs will not be returning to update existing applications at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile Microsoft app store? Seems like its people in charge are as out of touch as ever. What has changed, however, is no longer is it just the user that it is leaving out in the cold. This time, it is confusing the developers of a hurting mobile platform.

Way to make friends and influence people, Microsoft! Dot those Is and cross those Ts… don’t sweat the fact that no one is going to develop for the mobile platform next year after you anger your base; it’s all good.

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