We’ve all seen before and after photos before. Usually they’re applied to weight loss or some other physical transformation, but they can really apply to pretty much anything that changes. They may just be two photos, but they quickly get the point across about what’s changed and to what degree. Since everything changes eventually, you might as well make a record of the changes. A service called Befter enables you to share before and after photos.

Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, viewers can see them on your profile page, share them, comment on them, and even download them. I can really see this service being interesting for people who are trying to lose weight because they can visually track their progress and get input and encouragement from others. That’s just one example, but it’s an important one. Befter appears to primarily have an international audience right now, and it should be interesting to see who starts to use it and how they use it. Until then, get ready for a lot of randomness.