Experienced computer users harp on this and we have for years. Do a backup of your data. Do the backups often. It just prevents so many disasters.

Think for a minute and consider the trouble in which you would find yourself if everything on your hard drive was gone. Absolutely everything can be inaccessible if there is a hard drive failure. It becomes a ‘situation critical.’

Think also if your laptop, netbook, or even your desktop were stolen. It would be another disaster situation.

The time and possible money lost could be considerable. And we are trying to prevent these sort of disasters from happening to any of our readers. There are some things on your computer, like pictures, that simply are irreplaceable. You want to protect those files and you do so by doing a backup of your data. What would happen if you lost all those class lecture notes on your laptop?

Disasters happen to all of us who have spent much time on the computer. Hard drives do fail — and will fail. It doesn’t matter what brand it is. And the manufacturer’s guarantee will be meaningless because you just want your data back. The manufacturer’s guarantee will be the last thing on your mind because you will be focused on retrieving your data. That can be an expensive job, if it is even possible. You will want your data files — all your music, all your pictures, all your software — everything back.

All that aggravation can be prevented. For your own security, prepare for a hard drive failure now. No, don’t wait. Really, don’t wait. Do the backups now; make copies regularly. Some people do a daily backup. And if the information on your hard drive is really important, make multiple backup copies. Here is a program that will do this for you. It is the well known Acronis True Image program. The backup can be done easily:

Acronis True Image Home 2010 meets home user needs with a simple, yet comprehensive, backup and disaster recovery solution. This is a unique consumer software, providing a full set of advanced features in an affordable and easy-to-use solution.”

This is the latest version of the Acronis program, updated to work with Windows 7. We have worked really, really hard and secured a terrific discount for our readers. A twenty dollar ($20.00) discount is significant. That is a forty percent discount! From now until January 31, 2010, you can save twenty dollars on this excellent, award winning program.

Use this program to protect your data. The backup can save you beyond a hard drive disaster, and it can help if you have a bad computer infection. If you have a virus or malware problem, you will have an extra layer of protection. Restoration of a clean system can be simple. Just make sure that you are making a copy when your computer is free from malware, spyware and other infections. Otherwise, you will be replicating the problem. And you can find in our archives the security programs that we recommend. Don’t risk what you have on that hard drive. Acronis is an excellent layer of security and you want to make a regular habit of using it. And this program is easy to use.

The time that you spend doing a backup is that “ounce of prevention.” It is well worth your time. Ask anyone who has spent time with a computer. Disasters will happen. You don’t want to start doing backups because you learned ‘the hard way.’ Learn from other people’s mistakes. We have made those goofs. There are many experienced computer users with horror stories of lost data. That’s one computing experience that you do not want to have. This Acronis True Image program will save you from having horror stories like that to tell.