First and foremost, I was an AMD man for years. Dating back to the K6 CPU days, I was rocking AMD CPUs all the way until my last one which was the Athlon 64 3200+ series. I even had AMD on my notebooks as well, despite its mobile processors being awful with power management.

Today, I am exclusively using Intel. Intel graphics and wireless in my notebook, Intel CPU dual-core processors in my desktops. I honestly can say that, after using Intel for all of this time, I have not been able to find a single reason to give AMD my business once again.

Understand that this is not me getting caught up in the marketing nonsense. No, I have looked into doing an AMD system again. Yet being as I rarely build my own systems anymore, my choices are really limited if I want to find something worth owning. Worse, AMD is still not worth owning on the mobile front, what with the Intel Atom rocking the netbook market. No, I honestly think that as this weekend comes up, I am done thinking about AMD. It’s destined to simply become a part of my history.

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