You always hear negative things about the Geek Squad and how they take advantage of people who are ignorant about computers and how they work, overcharging for the simplest tasks.  I tend to agree that their business practices leave something to be desired but here is some good news about them for once.

A few weeks ago a local public school was broken into and several computers were stolen along with a few other technical equipment items.  This theft followed several school break ins, all having experienced an “alarm breakdown.”  The police suspect an inside job (DUH!).

Three days ago, two men brought several computers into a local Best Buy and asked Geek Squad to reset the passwords for them.  One of the Geeks Squad employees noticed that the user names on the computers came up as “North Park,” which is the name of the school that lost the equipment.  Since he had a sister who was a teacher at the school, he called her to come look at the computers and, viewing the screen savers, verified that they were indeed the stolen computers.  She then inserted the correct password and accessed the devices.

Police were alerted and search warrants issued for the men who had possession of the equipment, apparently they used their real names and addresses.  The result was five arrests, 2 for robbery and vandalism and 3 more arrests for manufacturing methamphetamine when a meth lab was found at one of the residences.

All equipment has been returned to the school and included:

  • 5 Dell Laptop Computers
  • 1 I Mac Keyboard
  • 1 Radio Shack Megaphone
  • Walkie-Talkies

Kudos to the employee at Geek Squad who was obviously paying attention and took action to thwart the thieves and put them behind bars.  I’m still never going to use Geek Squad for computer repair but at least I know they have some kind of conscience.