For those, like me, who have the Nintendo Wii, you know there are all sorts of accessories that go with many of the games.  From the gun you use to shoot the zombies in Resident Evil, to the light saber for those Star Wars games.  Along with bats, tennis rackets, steering wheels and others, each accessory is intended to bring you that much closer to feeling like you are really in the game by allowing you to mimic the motions and having the feel of the particular equipment you would use in the real game.

While I was buying a second Wii-Mote, Nun-chuck, and charger I stumbled upon one I have not yet seen.  The Wii bowling ball!  Modeled after a real bowling ball, it allows you to feel like you have the actual ball in your hand.  While it is the same dimensions of a real bowling ball, it only weighs about 1 pound.  The remote fits inside the ball and controls are located on the outside of the accessory to allow you complete control of the game.  It claims to be compatible with any Wii bowling game but only names five or so.

I am told that the only “good” bowling game is in Wii Sports Resort, which I have been planning on purchasing soon, so this accessory might be added to the list.  Check out the video below.

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