Remember your first day at a new job and how awkward it may have been. Starting a new job can make you feel very lonely, isolated and lost. Whom do you go to when you have questions? Whom are you going to each lunch with? Where can you find information?

Social Networking can be a great tool in the on-boarding process. A new employee can use the company’s social network to connect with other new employees and establish connections, ask questions and easily find information.

One company in particular created an online social group for new employees along with social groups for each profession. Each new employee to join the company is orientated to the new employee group and their appropriate profession group on their first day. Employees can visit the new employee group to find information pertinent to new employees and ask any questions. They can find information specific to their role within their profession specific group and connect with others in similar roles.

This is just one example of how a company can incorporate social networking into their on-boarding process. I am in the process of collecting other examples and sample use cases for social networking. If you have any other examples or ideas, please share them with me!

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