Since Oracle is purchasing Sun, there are a few people that, for reasons of various nature, are looking to jump away from their usage of Sun products. Some of this may have nothing to do with corporate enmity, but a simple nervousness. Whatever the reasons, IBM is holding arms wide open, with help to make the jump successfully to Big Blue warm fuzziness.


Just a day before Oracle announces its intentions vis-à-vis its newly acquired Sun Microsystems technologies, IBM plans on Tuesday to expand efforts to help migrate Sun users to Big Blue.

Developers at IBM have built new software tools to automate many of the manual processes to help accelerate Sun migrations, IBM said. The software identifies Sun assets, provisions the target IBM environment, and streamlines workload transitions. Migrations can be made from Sun Solaris to Linux or IBM AIX. Applications and middleware also can be moved to IBM systems. The methodology employed by the software shortens provisioning times from weeks to days for some clients, according to IBM.

Oracle on Wednesday will unveil its strategy for leveraging its Sun-developed technologies. The European Union, which had objected to the merger, gave its blessing last week.

Since its launch four years ago, IBM’s Migration Factory program has resulted in nearly 2,200 companies switching to IBM systems and storage from Sun and HP, IBM said.

Though most in the PC world see IBM as a company whose best days are behind it, it is not so. The fin is still up at IBM (shark fin, that is), and they are ready to grab marketshare anywhere they can. With the movement of Open Office to be under the wings of Oracle, I wonder what will happen to IBM’s Symphony, the Open Office clone that has been getting slowly better, and adding IBM-specific productivity items. I have seen nothing spoken about this, and it is probably the famous tightlipped IBM policies at work, and the cautious waiting to see what will happen with the main fork of the project under the aegis of Oracle.


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