In many ways, editing audio isn’t nearly as complicated as editing video, but the tools that are used to accomplish the task can be overwhelming. For many users, audio editing simply means extracting a section of a song that they can use for a ringtone or for some other means. For example, there may only be a certain section of a song or other audio file that you enjoy, so why not make that section its own file? Instead of using complicated software to do this, just give mp3cut a try.

The service is so simple to use that you’ll probably find yourself editing more files than you thought you would. All you have to do is upload an MP3 file that you want to edit, listen to the file and drag the sliders to select the section that you want to extract, and then click the split and download button. Before you know it, you’ll have a new customized MP3 file on your computer. Like the Staples button says, “That was easy.”