Every year just before Super Bowl Sunday, we hear about buying advice on how to buy that perfect TV for the big game. This Super Bowl Sunday event is no different than past Super Bowl events, in that there is plenty of advice on how to buy the ‘perfect’ HDTV for the big event. Here is one article that offers six tips for buying an HDTV.

Don’t pay the price on the tag

Negotiate the price. After the holidays is a great time to get a good price on an HDTV. So do your home work and see if you can buy the HDTV at a lower price. Make sure you check prices online as well.

Buy for your room

How big of a HDTV do you need for the room size you will be watching the TV in? Follow this guide.

Brick and mortar stores have great return policies

This piece of advice I have heard before. Most retailers have a liberal policy when it comes to returning an HDTV. I personally believe that honesty is the best policy and one should not purchase an HDTV with the intent of taking it back after the game.

Plan ahead if you want to wall mount the TV

If you want your HDTV hung on the wall, order the set early. If you can’t get it hung before the big game, find a place to set up the set temporarily. Instead of paying a retailer a fee to hang the wall mount, consider getting a friend to help you.

Get your HDMI from your cable company or online

Or get the HDMI cables from Walmart. They have HDMI cables at a reasonable price.

All you need is an antenna to watch the Super Bowl in HD

This depends on how close you are to the transmission. I use an antenna for my local channels and it works great. I bought a simple indoor antenna at Walmart, which cost me $30. It connects directly to my Dish box and the stations appear in the menu guide. I get 5 over the air channels in HD.

But now a question for you? Do people buy HDTVs just for the Super Bowl game?

Share your thoughts.