Recently this article was released in full force where it outlines why arguing about the iPad’s hardware options is completely pointless. The big point was this: publishing. That’s it; the iPad is about providing a new way for publishers to get their content (eBooks, apps, games. etc.) in front of the end user.

Now here is where the piece completely derails itself. Seems that the author forgot about a little something called human nature. There is no way most publishers are going to roll over and play Apple’s lapdogs like we eventually found with the music industry. The print media has seen how badly stung the music industry “feels” about its dealings with Apple. So I am fairly sure we are going to continue seeing instances of single media outlets producing their own eReaders instead of jumping on the Apple bandwagon.

Now here’s the real rub. Much of the readership that the iPad mind share is hoping to attract doesn’t care about the concept of eReaders whatsoever. That’s right, folks, NO ONE outside of the geek community gives a rip about the Apple iPad or competing devices.

So is there a snowball’s chance in hell that the iPad will help save poor old print media? Nope, not too likely. But the fault doesn’t really fall to Apple. Rather, it is difficult to provide a solution to a problem that no one outside of the affected industry really wants to fix.

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