One thing I have always said about Apple, they are the ‘king’ when it comes to quality design and ahead of the curve thinking. Once Apple announced the specifications of the new Apple iPad, it became apparent that Apple once again has come up with a device that may, just may, convenience me to dump my PC and go with the iPad. There are also some accessories that I believe are a must have, including an innovative cover that is more than just for protection.

On the Apple site, this accessory looks like this:

But there is more. It is not only a protective cover, but also can be positioned to view movies and photo’s and to make typing easier.

For viewing movies:

In the typing position:

Kudo’s Apple. You have once again come up with a product that will bring the future of computing to all of us who love technology and who appreciate a well designed unit.

Last night I gave some thought as to the cost of the units Apple will be offering and even at $839 for a unit with all of the bells and whistle included, this computer is priced fairly. Though I am not sure how much the protective cover and other accessories will cost, anything under a grand is worth taking a look at.

In addition, a battery life of 10 hours is highly attractive for those who need to travel with a computer. Weighing in at 1.6 lbs fully loaded is also a huge advantage as well. For those of us who have lugged a 6 pound laptop around any airport terminal, a unit that weighs 75% less is also attractive.

Comments welcome.