The dangers of cell phone use and texting while driving have been long recognized. In some jurisdictions, there is a heavy fine for using a cell phone while driving. Now there are texting regulations for bus and truck drivers:

“The Transportation Department said Tuesday it is prohibiting truck and bus drivers from sending text messages on hand-held devices while operating commercial vehicles.

The prohibition, which applies to drivers of interstate buses and trucks over 10,000 pounds, is effective immediately, the department said in a statement. Truck and bus drivers who text while driving commercial vehicles may be subject to civil or criminal penalties of up to $2,750, the department said.”

link: Feds bar commercial drivers from texting

While it is commendable that there is attention to keep drivers’ attention on the road, an immediate question arises. ‘How will this regulation be enforced’? It seems to be a daunting task to be able to catch a driver who is texting.

The effectiveness of legislation is measured, in part, by how it can be enforced. With the issue of texting and driving, it will prove to be extremely difficult. Furthermore, no amount of legislation will compel drivers to use plain common sense.

Catherine Forsythe