Whether you do business on your Web site or not, downtime is one of those things that you hate to have happen to your site. If you do business on your site, the downtime is especially painful because it could mean that you’re losing money, but either way, it’s an annoyance. Many Web hosts these days are pretty reliable, and some can promise around 99% uptime, but even the best go down from time to time. Your site going down is bad enough, but the situation can be even worse if you don’t know that that’s happened. Uptime Robot will monitor your site for you and let you know if it’s gone offline.

This free service checks your site every five minutes, so it won’t take long for you to be alerted if there’s a problem. E-mail and SMS alerts are available at this time, but it’s mentioned that Twitter and RSS alerts are coming soon as well. With Uptime Robot, you can monitor up to fifty Web sites, and if you’re overseeing that many sites, stress is something that you’re probably used to by now.