What can only be described as ‘stupid behavior,’ a Buffalo N.Y. 17 year old was arrested for drunk driving, which involved an accident that killed her passenger. But while the teen was out on bond, she had gone to Florida and posted on her Facebook page a photo of herself with the caption ‘drunk in Florida.’ Upon returning for her trial, the presiding trial judge cited the Facebook posting in his sentencing of the teen.

While the teen pleaded guilty to drunk driving and also criminally negligent homicide, the article went on to state:

The Buffalo News has learned that Sullivan went to Florida a month after the crash and posted a photo on her Facebook Web page captioned, “Drunk in Florida.”

“I’m troubled by your conduct since the crash,” County Judge Matthew J. Murphy III told Sullivan, “and that’s the reason for the jail sentence.”

Murphy also refused to grant Sullivan youthful offender status for the same reason.

“I don’t believe the defendant has earned it,” the judge said.

Murphy, in reading the terms of probation, went out of his way to emphasize to Sullivan that she isn’t allowed to drink for the next five years.

“You’re 17 years old. You’re not old enough to drink,” Murphy said.

The teen’s attorney stated that she was remorseful for the death of her friend. That’s a funny way to show it, getting drunk again and placing the information along with her photo on Facebook. I would venture a guess that this teen will get drunk again during the next five years and also get caught driving while drunk.

Sometimes one has to laugh at our system of justice and the relaxed attitude we have about drunk driving. The parents of the passenger or going to sue the teen for wrongful death, which makes one wonder what they hope to get from the teen who is only 17? Maybe something from the parents, I suppose.

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Source – Buffalo News