In an effort to make their products as secure as possible, Google is launching a reward program. The program will be for both their Google Chromium and Google Chrome browser for any security bug reported. The rewards are from $500 to $1,337 and Google explains in their FAQ how the amount of the reward is determined. On their Chromium Blog site, they stated the following information:

Today, we are introducing an experimental new incentive for external researchers to participate. We will be rewarding select interesting and original vulnerabilities reported to us by the security research community. For existing contributors to Chromium security — who would likely continue to contribute regardless — this may be seen as a token of our appreciation. In addition, we are hoping that the introduction of this program will encourage new individuals to participate in Chromium security. The more people involved in scrutinizing Chromium’s code and behavior, the more secure our millions of users will be.

Q) What reward might I get?
A) As per Mozilla, our base reward for eligible bugs is $500. If the panel finds a particular bug particularly severe or particularly clever, we envisage rewards of $1337. The panel may also decide a single report actually constitutes multiple bugs. As a consumer of the Chromium open source project, Google will be sponsoring the rewards.
Google also states that only the first report of a bug will be eligible for the reward money. Also there will be no rewards for bugs in third party extension software or other add on’s. There are also restriction on countries where import restrictions currently apply such as Cuba and North Korea and minors are not allowed to participate. But, minors may have themselves represented by an adult with Google’s blessing.

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