I honestly found the news of Google Docs pulling IE6 support amusing considering how many enterprise environments are still using IE6 due to legacy apps that require it. Sure seems like Google might be shooting itself in the foot if it is trying to appeal to those in the enterprise to use its products.

Now I totally understand the need for Google doing this with the general public. IE6 is horribly outdated and unsecured. Clearly we need to be aiming the enterprise environment into using IE*(newest), Firefox, or whatever. But I am not thinking biting off the hand that feeds you is really the best approach to this.

Personally, I think the best approach to this is to take the “ban IE” approach with the free version of Docs, but leave it as is with the paid version. Considering the fact that this is a meal ticket that Google is trying to expand on, Google needs to realize that some businesses are forced, due to legacy software, to use the now dated browser.

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