The other day I was sitting with my nephew watching a children’s computer generated show called The Future Is Wild and it got me intrigued.  The show tells the story of a girl from 10,000 years in the future.  As an ice age threatens humanity in her time, she is tasked to travel forward in time into the distant future to find a suitable place to relocate the human race.  Along the way she picks up a couple of humans from the 20th century (our time) and they travel through time encountering very strange and unbelievable creatures.

At first I thought the creatures were simply made up by the show’s producers and writers, but as I saw a creature called the Ocean Phantom, I seemed to remember something about it.  Turns out it was a creature that I saw on a Discovery show about what types of creatures might exist in the far future.

The show takes information from real science and adds good imagination to create a story that is interesting, fun and based on something that could happen.  Although we will never know for sure what creatures will look like 100 million years from now, this show is great for kids to see how things might evolve.  As the group encounter creatures, an information computer on board the ship tells them what they need to know about them.

In the case of the Ocean Phantom, it is a giant jellyfish, the size of a living room. Drifting in the seas a hundred million years from now, it trails long tentacles with ends shaped like bells.  As the show progresses we find out that it is not just one animal, but hundreds working together as a community.  Some are tasked to catch and process food, others to form the gas filled bubbles that form the sails which propel the animal.

While a bit far fetched, at least this show teaches kids how science and evolution works, even if the animals may be completely from the imagination.  It’s better than the other shows that simply show a bunch of kids playing a card came with seemingly no rules (Bakugan).