In a recent report in which some 22 million computers were scanned for infections of various types, some 48% were found to be infected. It is still hard to believe that after all these years that people still fail to protect themselves.

“Though the scanning system checks for many different kinds of potentially unwanted software, for this report, Panda Labs has segmented out ‘Downloaders’ and ‘Banking Trojans/Password Stealers’ as they are most often associated with financial crimes such as automated phishing schemes.

The proportion of infected computers detected has decreased for the first time in 2009. In the same way, the proportion of banking Trojans has decreased from a 16.94 percent in Q2 to 15.89 percent in Q3. The proportion of Downloaders has dropped to 8.39 percent from 11.44 percent in Q2 ? but it is still higher than in Q1 (4.22%).”

The unfortunate fact is that these infected people are the same folks that send you and I emails or other attachments. Lucky us.

What can we do to stop the tide of infections? Not much. Wish those infected good thoughts and just keep your own system clean. LOL

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