Once Apple announced its new iPad tablet computer, I was wondering if any other major computer company would build a similar device. Acer claims it has no intention of entering into the tablet computer market. Acer seems to be content with its business model in which it continues to concentrate on notebook and netbook computers as its bread and butter products.

The boss at Acer also stated that the company could build tablet computers since the company has the knowledge to do so. But Acer believes that tablets are only a niche market and doesn’t want to enter what it perceives as a low volume arena.

A recent article also states:

Apple is able to support the iPad through its iTunes ecosystem, while few other makers, including Acer, have comparable experience in operating an online store, Lin noted.

Historically, closed platforms are typically limited in terms of scale and are confined to niche markets. Apple has built is business out of carving its own niche, which means that while Apple could see success with devices like the iPad, other players are unlikely to be able to replicate its result simply by copying, Lin noted.

However, Lin said he believes the iPad is unlikely to impact the notebook/netbook markets as the two products target completely different consumer groups

Lin also cited research firm figures saying that Acer shipped about 31 million notebooks in 2009.

That last number is impressive. It appears that Acer is heading itself to the #2 position in computer sales if it continues its recent pace. As many of you may know, Acer also builds the Gateway and eMachines as well, which has increased its sale figures.

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