Recently, I found myself battling mixed feelings on the news of Firefox mobile coming to the Nokia Maemo platform. While this is great for those of you who are using Nokia phones, it still leaves other mobile platforms out in the cold.

Worse is the fact that users of the iPhone are not likely to see the browser any time soon. Call it a hunch that Apple is not going to quickly make Firefox available when the iPhone giant is quite happy to continue forcing Safari down your throat.

Based on the product description seen from the latest announcement page, I have come to the conclusion that I’d love to see Firefox on the iPhone… one way or the other. With functionality like Weave sync, location awareness, and tabbed browsing, how could one not want to try this browsing option?

The real issue I see is that having this for platforms such as the iPhone is simply not all that far-fetched. Here we see an article demonstrating the proof of concept fairly early on. Maybe here in the future, we’ll see the mobile browser reach over to something besides Nokia phones?

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