As Internet users, we all bookmark and save pages and content that we like so that we can get back to them quickly. When you begin to have a lot of saved bookmarks, it becomes necessary to organize them by topic so that you can find them easily and not waste time looking through everything you’ve ever bookmarked. Organizing by topic makes sense, but how about organizing by emotion? Emotify is a service that enables you to organize content based on how it makes you feel.

That may sound kind of weird, but it’s definitely an interesting idea. You collect the content and tag it by emotion using their bookmarklet. Was it funny, amazing, sad, etc? From there you can create EmotiPacks, which are collections of content based on specific emotions. These EmotiPacks can then be shared with your friends and followers so that they can navigate through them. Take a look at some of the collections on the site to get a better idea of how this works. I second that emotion.