Wow, seems to me that both Engadget and Gizmodo need to get over themselves. While we have had some heated discussions here at Lockergnome, I do not recall a time that we ever needed to “turn off the comments.”

Now here in my own home, we have a similar situation as the sites listed above. My wife and I both have actually had heated discussions over which OS is better. I like the option of easily opening up my PC to swap out a video card, add RAM, etc. With my wife’s Mac, Apple lost me at “easily…”

Despite all of this, we end up realizing something very important — different strokes for different folks. Instead, we see both news sites acting like the sky was falling. What in the heck is the problem with these people? Are they convinced that this stupid publicity stunt is going to somehow get them more readers? Perhaps, instead, they are looking for raw views, rather quality readers. If that is the approach, then man, I am sure that both Gizmodo and Engadget are going to be seeing a HUGE influx of traffic. Unfreaking believable…

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