It is ironic that Google has chosen this time to show off its concept UI for their Chromium OS on what appears to be a similar tablet to what Apple is releasing. I can now understand why Steve Jobs was ranting about Google doing no evil. I guess he feels that no one else but Apple should enter into the tablet market. Plus we all know that Apple doesn’t allow any crap to be released with its name on it. Right? Right! LOL

I bet I can prophesize what Google’s tablet, if and when it hits the street, will have that the iPad doesn’t. First and foremost it will have one or more USB slots and also one for memory cards. I will also guess that the price will be far less than Apple’s $499 entry tablet and will also include 3G standard and not a $130 option that Apple wants us to pay.

Here is a look-see at what Google is showing us on its Chromium site:

This page contains visual explorations of how a Chrome OS tablet UI might look in hardware. Some possibilities they explore include:

  • Keyboard interaction with the screen: anchored, split, attached to focus.
  • Launchers as an overlay, providing touch or search as means to access web sites.
  • Contextual actions triggered via dwell.
  • Zooming UI for multiple tabs
  • Tabs presented along the side of the screen
  • Creating multiple browsers on screen using a launcher

What will a Google powered tablet need to be successful? My first thought was that it needs to have the capability to multitask.

What does Google have to do to get you to buy a tablet with a Chromium OS?

Comments as always are welcome.