What is it with this man? Doesn’t Rupert Murdoch know anything about technology? He is now saying that the newest gadgets being used by most of us and including the soon to be released tablets and nothing with content.

In an article he also stated that:CEO Rupert Murdoch addressed the growing presence of these devices but called them “empty vessels” without the content – things like newspaper articles, TV shows, Hollywood movies or any of the other forms of digital media that fall under the News Corp. umbrella.

What he should have said is that anything that doesn’t use HIS content and only HIS content is an ’empty vessel’.

“Content isn’t just King anymore but rather the emperor of all things electronic,” he said. Bigger and flatter screens are nice, but without the content, the devices will be “unloved and unsold.”

I personally have never been in love with any computer, gadget, smart phone or any device I have ever owned. I have enjoyed using the device, but love?  No love here, what about you? Do you LOVE your devices? LOL

Executives didn’t have much to say about MySpace, other than to say that the site is “not yet really where we want it to be” but that there are signs of “traffic stablization.”

What this means is that they were losing millions of members every month and now it is down to a few hundred thousand. Talk about something without content. MySpace = an ’empty vessel’. LOL

It it is kind of funny when you think about it. I am sitting here at my laptop computer which is full of interesting content from the Internet, email alerts I receive and so forth, and no one iota of anything from News Corp. I guess my laptop is an ’empty vessel’ as well.

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