Why is it to use anything worth doing with an iPhone, one must have it jailbroken? I honestly don’t get it. Take this call management software called MCleaner. Looks promising, considering all of the crazy telemarketer calls I have been getting over my GoogleVoice numbers lately, directed to my iPhone. With functionality that provides me with the option to block calls regardless of my carrier, it would be fairly obvious that this is the kind of software I am looking to get my hands around.

Sadly, though, it’s not available via the App Store. And this really bums me out. It’s so frustrating as the App Store prevents a lot of great software from ever being discovered by those who might enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I fully realize that without checks and balances, who knows what kind of software people might end up with?

So here’s the question: considering the fact that the App Store is clearly the way to go, why do apps like this have to resort to operating on jailbroken phones only? Is it a region thing? Perhaps, instead, it’s a matter of something nefarious that I have yet to uncover? Definitely interested in your thoughts on this. Hit the comments, share your perspective.

[awsbullet:aleister crowley]