Three areas that have been identified soft skills that are important for people in the technology careers are writing skills, public speaking, and the ability to work within a team. It is important that people involved in technology training should remember that graduates will be required to complete reports that outline the information in a clear, concise manner with proper grammar, spelling, and structure. These reports are important to inform the management about the technology projects that have been completed and the results of these projects.

In addition to writing these reports, people in technology careers will often be required to present these reports to staff and managers. Being able to organize and present information in a clear and concise manner is important. Fortunately these skills can be taught, learned, and perfected through practice and feedback. People in technology careers are often asked to work as members of project teams so it is important for them to be proficient working with teams of people.

These are often skills that people have learned in school but they can be taught as part of the technology career training. It is important for everyone wanting to work in a technology career to know that beyond the computer skills it is critical that you learn the soft skills as well.