AppRats, a Facebook Application firm, announced that it has created new product, The TubeView Creator, for YouTubers who want to integrate their YouTube videos into their own Facebook application for the purpose of increasing fans and video views.

AppRats is focused on bringing the popular channels of YouTube to Facebook.

“We are excited with the positive response we have received from the YouTube community thus far,” said Ryan Moriarty, co-founder of AppRats. “The YouTube community sees this as an amazing opportunity for them to expand their fans and bring their culture to Facebook.”

“This service has allowed me to expand on my audience in a way that is unprecedented on YouTube,” said Traveler, of the YouTube channels Household Hacker and InfoUpLink. “The ability for my audience to watch my videos from Facebook is a definite advantage; it allows me to be discovered much more easily. ”

To create their own application, YouTubers can simply visit and enter their channel name. The application is created instantly. Improvements like custom styling are generally added by the AppRats team within an hour. Currently, the product is available for free to any YouTube channel owner with more than 5,000 subscriptions and is $19.00 a month for those under 5,000 subscribers.

The Facebook application emulates the experience of subscribing to the channel on YouTube. When a new video is released, each subscriber is sent a simple Facebook notification and directed to a stylish page on Facebook, where they can watch the new video. They can also share videos in one click, or visit the YouTuber’s Fan Page or YouTube Channel.

The application also models the structure of the YouTube community. A YouTuber’s application will display links to any of its sister YouTube channels that also have an application with AppRats. In addition, users are given the option to receive notifications from the sister channels’ applications when new videos are released. So far, about 90% of users have opted in to this feature. While simple, what this does is create a connected network of applications, allowing users to discover new channels.

AppRats‘ client and user base is growing rapidly. In the last week alone, over twenty YouTube channels with over 100,000 subscribers have created their own applications through the TubeView Creator. This includes Shane Dawson, the fourth-most subscribed YouTube channel of all time. Furthermore, positive response from the YouTube community has led to over 15,000 Facebook users utilizing the service.

For more information, visit the official Web site.