Like a lot of people, Chris has made it clear that he is none too fond of Flash being so buggy on OS X. And this is not new; he has been frustrated with it since at least April of last year. As a Linux user myself, I can relate to this when a very poorly coded ad pops up or is embedded in a page with so much data, that the browser just crashes. It’s frustrating.

Well today, someone brought up some suggestions for Chris and the rest of us, to help us deal with our Flash frustrations when browsing the Web. Now keep in mind, the suggestions are for Chrome users, rather than those who use Safari. Since Chris has expressed frustration with Chrome, too, the tips still apply.

1. Get the latest dev version of Chrome. Not really something I would advocate, as developer releases are not for the mainstream. But then again, it’s better than nothing if the mainstream release is not cutting it for you.

2. Use the Flashblock extension. Again, I have mixed feelings here. While I am all for blocking poorly created Flash ads that have no business being used at all, I am not one for blocking ads on free Web sites in order to avoid compensating folks for their work. It’s a mixed bag.

My personal approach? Stick with Chrome, as Safari offers nothing defining these days whatsoever. While Chrome is not perfect, at least it is less likely to crash than Safari with Flash… based on my experiences.

Stop visiting Web sites that use Flash ads that crash your browser. Seriously, it’s like returning to a restaurant only to complain every time the food is poor. Give it a rest and move on.

What are your tips? Which browser have you found works best with those problematic Flash ads on OS X? Do you have additional tips in mind that can help perhaps? Hit the comments, share your personal tips for avoiding these problems.

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