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One of the features that Apple’s new iPad will have is touch screen computing. In addition the new iPad will also be offering the ability  to be an eReader, which is the key feature of the Amazon Kindle. So when Amazon recently bought a small company with the technology to incorporate a touch screen in its Kindle it would appear that Amazon may introduce a Super Kindle.

In a recent article the technology that Amazon has purchased is described as:

Unlike traditional capacitive sensors, our patent-pending system can detect any object — not just a finger — and can determine how much pressure is being applied to every point on a sensor simultaneously. IFSR sensors are natively multitouch, use less power than capacitive sensors, and are much less expensive to produce, making them a highly disruptive technology with widespread market applications.

If Amazon does incorporate this new technology into its Kindles, it could provide the consumers with a device that may be on par with what Apple is going to offer. In addition, the Amazon Kindle could also offer other additional features that could make the Amazon Kindle more competitive with the Apple iPad.

In addition, if and when Google introduces its new Chromium operating system — which is also scheduled for release in 2010 on a similar device —  this could also increase competition between the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad. The year 2010 could shape up as being the year that new technology using touchscreens replaces the traditional laptop, netbook, other similar devices.

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