I was surprised when I read this that a recent study shows that teens are abandoning blogging. The numbers of teens who originally blogged has been reduced from a high 28% in 2006 down to 18% in 2009. There are many theories about why teens have reduced their numbers in the blogging field, some which is being blamed on adult bloggers. In another surprise teens have not flocked to Twitter either. It is estimated that only about 8% of teens Tweet.

Teens, not surprisingly, are a secretive bunch and shy away from being in the public limelight. So where are the teens hiding out at? How about social networks. It is estimated that 75% of teens have used one social network last year, with 55% still being social on a network today.

But what the study doesn’t say is why kids really have giving up on blogging. It merely states that ‘you know what they say – as soon as the adults show up, the party’s over.’

But is this really true? What do you think?

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