Are you listening to what the visitors to your Web site have to say? You may think you are, but are you really? The truth is that many people who use the Internet feel disconnected from the sites that they visit. They may be able to get information from them, but they may not be able to share what they have to say and feel like they’re actually being heard. If you run a Web site, then that Web site exists to serve the visitors, so it’s important to try and get their feedback not only about your content but also about your entire site overall. Sometimes it may sting a little bit, but it has to be done. Monyta gives your site a feedback tab that gets visitors talking.

Once you create an account and personalize the settings you then install the widget script and open your site up to feedback right away. Whether visitors are contributing feedback, bug info, or questions, they can easily do so through the Monyta widget. Ideas that are submitted publicly are also listed and can be voted on by other users, so there’s no doubt about what the community has to say. It’s just up to you to make things happen.