So close… but still a bit unstable on older 3G iPhones. Imagine having a personal assistant that is able to help remind you of appointments, find you the best restaurant while driving, or even find movie times for a set day of the week. Now imagine it being much more accurate and specific than Google’s voice search.

Today I did some testing with an iPhone app called Siri. Overall, the idea is fantastic. Unfortunately, it’s got a ways to go for real world applications. Now I realize that it was optimized for the iPhone 3GS. But by allowing me to install it on my 3G, the developers are asking for my input.

The biggest downside I found with trying to set reminders is doing so by speaking into the BOTTOM of my iPhone. I am sorry, but that is just silly. Why in the heck would I be driving down the road, hold my iPhone up like I was trying to eat it? Logic would dictate Bluetooth earpiece compatibility, in addition to some kind of noise canceling. Better yet, just work with my BlueAnt and I will provide the noise canceling for you, Siri.

When the app is working though, there is something very cool about saying “remind me to _____, on ____date at ___ time. Then having the app confirm this for you to send you a reminder email at your discretion.

In addition to the voice powered reminders, Siri is also great at finding “stuff,” much like you might on Google Voice Search, but without the extra needed browsing afterward.

Is Siri ready for prime time? Not quite, but it’s very close. Regardless, it’s free and highly entertaining to test out for yourself.

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