The current problems that Coinstar is having with the major studios over the purchase of DVD copies have been further elevated by the new policies enacted at the big discounters that carry DVDs. In an effort to make the possibility of individual Redbox locations to load their machines from purchases at Target and Walmart, the new policy is a limit of five DVDs per customer at one time.

Though this is at best a nuisance, it shows the lengths that the big studios will go to to wring the last dollar out of the buying public.

An article blurb from AllThingsD tells more –

Coinstar (CSTR) faces a new challenge to the Redbox workaround.

As Business Week reports, first Target (TGT) and now Walmart (WMT) have imposed strict limits on the number of DVDs any one customer can buy at one time. That’s going to make it harder for DVD kiosk rental service Redbox to get around the refusal of some studios – including Warner Home Video, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and 20th Century Fox – to sell new releases directly to the company, which rents movies for a dollar a day. Redbox is in litigation with all three studios over the issue.

Both retailers have a cap of 5 DVDs on new releases; the retailers both say they have imposed the limits to be sure customers can get access to the titles they want.

The movie studios, as we all know, are suffering major losses, so we must feel sorry for them, and never visit one of those nasty Redbox kiosks again…



A much different form of this will appear soon if the MPAA has its way. It will no doubt include a notice about the evils of renting from Redbox.

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