February is going to have a slew of patches for those who operate computers with Microsoft software. Next Tuesday will be bringing no less than 26 updates to various systems.

[Tech Connect]

This coming Tuesday, February 9, Microsoft will be releasing 13 patches that are aimed at fixing a total of 26 vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems and Office productivity suites. Out of the 13 updates, six are rated ‘critical’ and target issues that can lead to remote code execution, seven are tagged as ‘important’ and one is stamped ‘moderate’.
The soon-to-be-fixed bugs are affect Office XP, 2003, 2004 for Mac, Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 (R2), and 7. Five updates apply for Windows 7 flaws, two of which are critical. Be sure to update as soon as the Microsoft makes the patches available. Better to be safe.

Every Patch Tuesday I vacillate between cursing Microsoft for making such buggy software, and thanking them for having the ability to repair it, usually before I am affected.


microsoft-logoCould they use Patch Tuesday to keep Microsoft in the thoughts of people at least once each month?

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