I have been a Mozilla Firefox user for about 6 years or more and I have come to trust Firefox over I.E. But I have also been testing Google Chrome for about 9 months. The main reason I have not made a change was that Google Chrome lacked some of the extensions that I use in Firefox. During my testing of Chrome, I really liked the speed of Chrome. It is fast, extremely fast. Pages pop up on my screen in milliseconds and switching between tabs is also fast.

But the one thing that is making Google Chrome more and more attractive is that there are now over 2,200 extensions that increase the functionality of the browser. I have been going through the list of extensions and have added some of the ones I like to the browser.

Before I go on and tell you how wonderful Chrome is, let there be no mistake that Mozilla Firefox is still my favorite. For those of us who use Firefox it is like an old comfortable pair of shoes. The fit is right and you enjoy how the shoes make your feet feel. With that being said, if you use and enjoy Firefox stick with it.

However, if you are looking to try something new, give Google Chrome a try. Now that there are a boat load of extensions, it has improved on the browser experience from when Chrome was just a plain Jane browser with no available extensions.

I am personally hoping that the Colorful Tabs extension becomes available for Chrome since I enjoy using this add on in Firefox.

You can download a copy of Google Chrome from here.

Comments welcome.

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